As we observe our world today, this generation is consumed by the overwhelming innovation of technology. With this, most people just spend more time on their phones rather than doing other things with their hands such as crafting. 


Do-it-yourself projects are nothing new up to this day – there was only a shift away from DIY when mass production of items came to play. But now, with everything so virtual, sometimes it feels good to unplug once in a while and go back to the basics. 

do it yourself home decor

Are you still finding reasons why you should start doing DIY projects now? Don’t worry about that now, here are the top 5 reasons why DIY is good for all of us.



  • Relieves stress



There are a lot of reasons as to why experience stress – may it be from work, school, or even social media. One way you can actually relieve this is by focusing on your hobbies and interests. Through this, you can feel more relaxed, less anxious about things, and not feel any pressure from anything. Your time spent doing something you like, be it gardening or crafting, will give you a sense of satisfaction and happiness.


Allowing time for yourself to indulge in DIY activities can do something good for your brain, too. When you focus on a project that brings you joy and distracts from the things causing you stress, it can only be a positive step towards stimulating your brain. You are letting yourself give in to the feel-good factor and also letting your brain blossom with fresh ideas and creativity.



  • Encourages recycling 



Most DIY projects you can do usually just require the things you already have so it does not only lessen the cost but it also promotes upcycling or recycling materials. With the beauty in DIY, you can have your clothes or other stuff make them like they’re brand new or just give them a fresh look. Or maybe you have pieces of scrap materials lying around your house, you can totally transform them into something more useful – don’t limit yourself!


Before you know it, you’ll be stepping back and admiring your efforts in having created something with your own hands. The fact that DIY encourages you to upcycle and recycle makes you also appreciate more on the practical side of life. It makes you think more about the importance of money and that there are things you want that you can do just yourself. Saving extra bucks every now and then is a really good idea.

diy recycling tips


  • Provides new learnings



As you grow older, life gives you many responsibilities, and sometimes it can be hard to find time for yourself in between work and family commitments. There are even times that you feel like you’ve lost your passions along the way. Well, getting your hands dirty and involved in good DIY projects allows you to explore forgotten passions. But not only that, there may be interesting projects for you and through them, you learn more new things and even develop new passion or interest in them. 


While you’re learning new things, you also get that feeling of fun and fulfillment in you. Completing a DIY project gives you one of the most satisfying feelings anyone can have. And when you are happy, you can avoid spending temptations that would fill an emotional void.



  • Gives more personal touch



In the sense of styles and interests, we are all different. So, if you want something more like you or your personal style, DIY projects are a good way to start. Think of how much more fun it would actually be to create a signature style all on your own rather than buying what is just popular and wind up to have the same thing as everybody else! 


Your hands have the power to truly produce and create your own. Try adding your own twists to styles that you love. Doing things on your own lets you feel more closer to your belongings and thus, adding a more personal touch into your houses or even yourselves.



  • Serves as a grounding tool for children




If you’re someone who has a lovely family and is looking for more ways to bond with each other, DIY projects are perfect for you. It gives more opportunity for your family to spend more time together and create a stronger bond. And with the world’s digital nature today, children have little familiarity and direct contact with nature and rarely have hands-on experience. 


As a parent or a family member, it’s important that you know that DIY is one way to encourage children to properly connect with the world around them giving them a better sense of their surroundings and who they are. 




The DIY and Craft movement is infusing more colors into our world, breaking the monotony of mass-produced products. The reasons I just gave you are reminders to unleash your creativity and do something you truly enjoy. I hope they are enough to let you get those DIY projects started already!